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PredatorPee for Chicken Protection


Discover how to keep chickens safe from predators the natural way! As featured in Backyard Poultry & The Chicken Whisperer, PredatorPee's chicken coop predator protection products work to keep your flock safe. Because chickens have a weak sense of smell, urine from animals like bobcats, coyotes, and wolves does not effect them at all - but the pests will stay away! We also have chicken nets in two sizes to deter predatory birds. For the ultimate in chicken protection, find your predator deterrent below.

For Mice: BobcatPee,
For Raccoons, possum & rats: CoyotePee,
For Foxes, weasels and coyotes: WolfPee.

Hawks the problem, or other predatory birds? Check out Hawk Stopper, the chicken coop hawk netting!

How it works – How Much You Need – How to Use It

"I can't live without your products anymore!!! I live in the country and have chickens. Your products are wonderful at getting rid of mice."

 -Ursula H.

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