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Bear Problems - Wolf Urine

Our natural bear deterrent products include PredatorPee® Real Wolf Urine for bears in liquid and granules from Predator Pee. Nothing is more feared in the wild, than the wolf. Our wolf urine bear scare products are the only solution to bear problems. When you must repel predators like coyotes or foxes, only Wolf Urine repellent will stop them in their tracks. When they think a wolf is around, coyotes, cats, foxes, elk, beavers, bear, mule deer, moose and other larger animals will want to go away quickly. Find this natural bear repellent below.

The Concept – How Much You Need – How to Use It

Black bears are big animals and they cause big problems!  When looking for food, bears can do some serious damage to homes, cabins, camps, barns, sheds, RV's, campers, cars and trucks. Bears also trash garbage cans, destroy bird feeders, and tear apart campsites. But bears have a predator that they fear more than anything else. Bears instinctively know that when a wolf is nearby, it is a serious problem.  Bears can tell that a wolf is nearby when they smell the wolf's urine. That's exactly how PredatorPee® WolfPee Wolf Urine works. When a bear catches a whiff of PredatorPee® WolfPee Wolf Urine, no matter what the bear is doing - all bets are off and it's time to leave.  PredatorPee® WolfPee Wolf Urine is the all-natural bear problem solution. Free Shipping Always to USA and Canada.