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Mole and Vole Problems - Bobcat Urine

Moles and Voles are pesky critters that will tear your yard to shreds. If you're looking for smells to get rid of moles and voles, get our Mole/VoleBlaster Combo, the ultimate mole and vole repellent. It combines our BobcatPee 16 ounce trigger mole repellent spray bottle with our BobcatPee YardCover Granules. Squirt the liquid right in the mole/vole holes and spread the granules on the surface. If you need an effective mole/vole deterrent, browse our selection of bobcat pee below so you can easily get rid of moles or voles.

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Mice Damage Alert: As the temperature cools, mice begin to look for warmer places. They look for places like your attic, your basement, your RV, the engine compartment of your vintage car, your storage unit, your garage, your barn or your shed that are warmer and more comfortable. Places where mice can nest, breed and destroy. Once they get comfortable, the mice start chewing, burrowing, digging and destroying anything and everything around them. A mouse may be small but mice damage can be huge, expensive and extremely annoying. We’re here to remind you that for 35 years PredatorPee® BobcatPee Bobcat Urine has been providing a safe, natural and non-lethal alternative to chemical mouse repellents to keep mice out and away all season long. PredatorPee® BobcatPee mice repellent protects all the places in your life from the damage and destruction that mice can do by sending an instinctive message to mice that bobcat is nearby and your place is no place for them to be.

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