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PredatorPee FeederScentry

PredatorPee® FeederScentry - Nature’s Virtual Alert System

When it comes to avoiding danger, animals in the wild operate in something like virtual world where the detection
of a certain subtle smell puts them on alert long before they can actually see it.
For squirrels, the particular smells that trigger their alert system are the scents of fox, bobcat and coyote urine.
The proprietary blend of predator urine in our PredatorPee® FeederScentry includes an enhanced concentration of the specific organic compounds
that trigger the instinctive alert response in squirrels. It’s like predator urine on steroids!
But, for birds, it is a whole different story.
Their alert system is fully dependent on their incredibly keen eyesight. For birds, if they don’t see a predator they know they are safe.
PredatorPee® FeederScentry takes those two facts of behavior and puts them to work for you
so that your bird feeders can do what they’re supposed to do:
Feed the Birds, not the Squirrels!
When you apply PredatorPee FeederScentry squirrel deterrent for bird feeders around your feeders,
the message to the squirrels is as clear to them as if a hungry predator is actually sitting right there waiting for a furry little meal.
But, to the birds, there is nothing to fear because there is no fox to be seen! The birds come to eat and the squirrels do not. All is well when you use our predator urine as bird feeder protection.