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Learn how to get rid of rodents with PredatorPee®! Real Bobcat Urine is the all-natural rodent repellent for mice and other small rodents like moles and voles. At certain times during the year mice are looking for a nesting place, warm shelter or an easy food source. Your home or other buildings are often their destination. If you want to keep mice out of your house, attic, basement, garage, shed etc., the Bobcat Pee Bobcat Urine is what you need. You can protect you home from mice by using 12 oz or 16 oz liquid or YardCover Shakin' Flake Granules for outside use and to create a "pee-rimeter" around your home. If you need to get rid of mice already inside, BobcatPeeShots are perfect to drive mice out of garages, sheds, attics, cars, RV's, boats and basements. Browse our natural mice deterrents below and buy bobcat urine for sale here today.

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"I've been using your products for mice and rats and am really happy with it.  I tell everybody about it.  In fact, I just rave about your product.  Thank you so much!"

Linda – Northfolk, CA

I have been ordering Bobcat Urine from you for so long...It works great for my purposes. The fewer mice my cats bring in, the happier I am.” Tamara “We ordered your product for our daughter and it did the trick for her. So here we are again ordering...I'm thinking we will be regular customers for some time.”

Michael - Stillman Valley, IL

"I have been using your products for 12 years now.  I ran out.  Bobcat pee totally takes care of the mice.  My friends think Im nuts.  I had an exterminator tell me about predator pee."

Kelley - Whittier, NC

“I have been buying from you for a few years..thanks!” Mouse – Forestville, CA “FOUND IT TO BE THE BEST STUFF AROUND...”

Paula - Philadelphia, PA