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BobcatPee RV Pack for Mice - Save $15

BobcatPee RV Pack for Mice - Save $15

PeeShot Bobcat, 91416, 83109 PP

Includes 2 packages of PeeShots, 1 16oz bottle of bobcat urine and 2 packages of ScentTags. Protect your travel trailer, motorhome, RV or pop-up camper from mice damage with the Predator Pee Bobcat Urine RV Pack. Liquid Bobcat Pee for mice and ScentTags can be used to create a “pee-rimeter” around your camper vehicle for the perfect RV rodent repellent. We also have Bobcat Pee Shots, bobcat urine pellets, for indoor use to prevent mice from making nests and making messes! Try this natural rodent deterrent today. Save $15 over single unit prices

PredatorPee® Bobcat Pee Brand Bobcat Urine takes a pest animal’s predator/prey survival instincts and makes them an all-natural repellent for you to prevent damage to your yard, garden, home, barn, shed, garage, crops, plants, trees and shrub as well as cars, trucks, campers, RV’s and other vehicles and power equipment. Our PredatorPee® Bobcat Pee Brand Bobcat Urine replicates the distinct marking scent of a real bobcat. These pests are the bobcat’s primary prey: mice, moles, voles and other rodents. When these creatures smell the scent of a bobcat in the area, they won’t move in, and if they already have, they’ll want to move out fast! So, if any of these pests are your problem, PredatorPee® Bobcat Pee Brand Bobcat Urine is the natural deterrent you need. PredatorPee® - bringing Pee to the People for over 30 years!