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Annoying People and Pests? Social Distancing Problems? - Skunk'Um! - Skunk Problems? - SkunkScentry & Odor Equalizer!

Are you tired of annoying people hanging around and loitering on you property or around your business?
Need help to encourage
"social distancing"?  Want to get rid of Skunks?  Need to eliminate Stinky Skunk Smell?

  Skunk'Um pure skunk essence is the all-natural solution to your loitering problem.  Skunk'Um skunk smell spray allows you to easily distribute the nasty smell of a real skunk anywhere people, kids etc. are hanging around, making trouble, bothering your customers or just getting too close. Just mix the powerful pure essence of skunk scent with water in the provided spray bottle and squirt Skunk'Um loitering deterrent where the loiterers hang out - and they won't hang around anymore! After all who wants to sit around where a skunk has just sprayed his stinky smell? This skunk odor spray is the same stench that you smell when you pass a road-killed skunk - Whew! Stinky!  Nature's own all-natural loitering deterrent and people repellent!
Social Distancing?

Our New Skunk’um Social Distancing Kit can be used in a number of ways:
• To provide a Social Distance perimeter when you are outdoors and staying in one place, by spraying on the ground in a perimeter around the space you are occupying or
• To provide Social Distance in your personal space spray the tags, and hang them from shoelaces, belt or handbag. It won’t be all that pleasant for you – but people will keep their distance!
• Add the tags to your running shoes, to be sure your run can be done both for a healthy distance and at a safe social distance. 
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Want to Get Rid of Skunks?

 PredatorPee® SkunkScentry – It’s Like Predator Urine on Steroids!    When it comes to avoiding danger, animals in the wild operate in a world where the detection
of a certain subtle smell puts them on alert long before they can actually see the actual source of the danger.   
For skunks, the particular smells that put their alert system on the highest warning levels are the scents of fox, and coyote urine.
These wild urines contain specific organic compounds that trigger the instinctive alert responses in skunks telling them that a dangerous predator is likely to be nearby and it’s time to leave the area.
We have fortified the proprietary predator urine blend of PredatorPee® SkunkScentry with a higher concentration of these fear-producing organic compounds and the result is something like predator urine on steroids!
So if you want to send stinky skunks packin’ fast, PredatorPee® SkunkScentry is just what you need. There is nothing quite like it.

Want to Get Rid of Skunk Smell?

You need PredatorPee® Odor Equalizer - for when the stinky smell just needs to go! We here at PredatorPee® know a lot about handling stinky stuff, but sometimes even the experts get some on our hands or clothes.
PredatorPee® Odor Equalizer gets the stink out – even the stink of skunk spray! Use our convenient 8oz PredatorPee® Odor Equalizer spray bottle to eliminate odors from hands, exposed skin and clothing.


Everyday you see stories about out-of-control homeless camps and aggressive pan-handlers. City and town officials don't seem to know what to do and homeowners and business owners are frustrated.  PredatorPee® offers a rather unique and all-natural solution. PredatorPee® Skunk'Um pure skunk essence puts the unpleasant smell of a skunk to work for you. No one likes to hang around someplace where a skunk has just visited. PredatorPee® Skunk'Um skunk smell spray allows you to place the nasty smell of a real skunk anywhere you need to move people away from! Just mix the powerful pure essence of skunk with water in the provided spray bottle and squirt PredatorPee®Skunk'Um skunk musk where you need to and anyone hanging out there won't be hanging out there anymore!  PredatorPee®Skunk'Um - Nature's own people repellent - it's harmless, but very effective! Free Shipping Always to USA & Canada