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Our PredatorPee® Real Wolf Urine repellent is a powerful communicator to animals at the top of the food chain. The Coyote is one of the most troublesome pests for everyone from city to country. Wolf Urine gets rid of coyotes and other wild animals like Moose, Bear, Elk, Weasel, Beaver & Mule Deer that fear the wolf more than any other animal. That is why the scent of wolf pee is so effective. When these large prey believe there is a wolf in the immediate area, they flee. Ferhal hogs, wild pigs and javelina fear this apex predator as well. Also, WolfPee scares the socks off Feral Cats and house cats too! By liberally marking an area with Wolf Pee, you duplicate the territorial marking habits of wolves in the wild. This illusion triggers an instinctive response in the prey. If wolf scent is around, these animals want to be far away! When you buy wolf urine for cats and other creatures, you're making a true investment. So, if you want to protect your pets from coyotes, Wolf Urine is the solution. When you want to get rid of unwanted domestic or feral cats, Wolf Urine will repel them. Browse wolf urine for sale below.


"I have to say that people don't believe me when I tell them about the wolf urine, but we have not seen any coyotes along our fence since I started using it about a year ago.”

Susanne – Denver, CO

"I have been ordering the wolf pee from you for a couple years now...There is no one else who does what you do!”

Laurie – Corrales, NM

“Hi bought the sampler pkg. (with WolfPee) And Wow! its wonderful to see the cats on the other side of the street...” 

Lubertha P., MA

The Concept – How Much You Need – How to Use It

Coyote Problem Warning: It seems to get worse every year, coyotes are everywhere. Even though the temperature cools, coyotes don’t stop coming to your yard, farm, or even playground. Once they get used to this territory, the coyotes stick around. They terrorize and threaten wildlife, pets and children. There are few things that a coyote fears, but nothing do they fear more than a wolf.

We’re here to remind you that for 35 years PredatorPee® WolfPee Wolf Urine has been providing a safe, natural and non-lethal alternative to chemical coyotes repellents to keep coyotes out and away all season long. PredatorPee® WolfPee Wolf Urine protects family and pets from coyotes by sending a message to coyotes that a wolf is nearby and your place is no place for them to be.

In nature, animals communicate in very basic ways using the tools they were created with. No devices, no technology, but they do have the incredible communication power of urine! "Pee-Mail" is the social media of the wild. It is the distinctive aroma variations of urine that can help an animal find a mate and warn of the presence of a predator.

According to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, "An animal’s sense of smell is much more developed than a human’s. Prey animals can detect an approaching predator from a great distance."

For example, when a coyote that is nearing your home or barn and catches a whiff of PredatorPee® WolfPee, you can be assured that not only, is this "PeeMail" open and in the coyote's in-box, the coyote is also absolutely sure who the sender is. Coyotes know that a wolf is their most feared predator and that the presence of a wolf is very bad news.

Scientists have isolated the fear-genecoyoteing compound that, one of a class of urinary proteins that is secreted by wolves and a variety of other predators, found in wolf urine known as MUPS, for major urinary proteins.

Chemical coyote repellents and deterrents do not employ MUPS, but rather, involve the use of manufactured smells that are unpleasant to the target animals. But, bad-smelling chemical repellents and deterrents don't even come close to replicating the fear-to-the-bone visceral response that nature causes all by itself with the pure, natural power of predator urine. When coyotes smell the urine of a wolf, they know that they need to move away fast or they may not survive.

Animals don't care as much about understanding MUPS as the scientists do. They already know everything they need to know about the scent of a predator's urine. They know the scent of a predator's urine is the simple basic, natural and reliable way that they know a dangerous predator is nearby. You can put all that to work for you in dealing with your coyote problems with PredatorPee® WolfPee

When a coyote gets a "Pee-Mail" message from PredatorPee® WolfPee, they know it's time to sign out and move!

 “This is the second order I've made...haven't seen any bobcats or coyote! Thanks for giving me a little peace of mind.”

Lisa - Fountain Hills, AZ 

“I believe this is my third purchase from you, and it seems to be deterring the coyotes, so I'm going to continue hanging it on my fence to keep them at bay, from my doggies.”

Susanne – Denver, CO

"Predator Pee has worked and I have become your loyal customer. Your service is prompt and accurate!”

Kathy – Livingston, NJ



"I have been ordering wolf pee for a while now from you...I use it to keep coyotes off my property. I have been extremely happy with your product!”

Laurie – Corrales, NM

“I have been a happy customer for eight years now and continue to buy your product and tell my neighbors about it.”

Kris – Bainbridge Island, WA

"Your wolf pee spray PROVES that it will keep away unwanted predators of smaller creatures from my property...Thanks for a GREAT product!!!”

Chad – Albuquerque, NM

"I am a repeat customer and I am glad you are still around...the stuff works great!”

Bill – Anchorage, AK

“I bought from your company because I have purchased from you in the past and I know your product works.. do not want to take any chances with my dogs.”

Diane – Alta Loma, CA

“I have been ordering your product for the last 3 years and have been a very satisfied customer since.”

Wilf - Newfoundland, Canada

“It really works...we haven't seen a coyote in the neighborhood for years now.”

Nancy - Woodinville, WA