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Raccoon, Gopher, Possum, Groundhog and Woodchuck Problem - Coyote Urine

PredatorPee® Real  Coyote Urine is the all-natural opossum, woodchuck, raccoon, gopher, and groundhog deterrent. See some of our customer reviews on the right side of this page. Free Shipping to postal addresses in USA, Canada and Mexico. These woodchuck repellents and groundhog deterrents work on a variety of small pests.

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"I've been an extremely satisfied customer for quite a few years. I haven't lost a fish in over 4 years (to raccoons) because I use the coyote pee regularly....thanks for providing a humane way to protect my pond.”

RL – Altadena, CA

"Pit bulls, gone. Raccoons, gone. Possums, gone. Ferrets,gone. My chickens are parading around outside their coop,happy,serene. ...Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Sheila Pringle

“I must say that since using your product I have not seen the raccoon again.”

Diana – Ontario, Canada

“Can't believe it! Two nights after putting out your product, I was able to leave my bird feeders up all night...Thank you so much for such a great product. I am one happy customer!”

Tonya – Columbia, ID

"Hi -- about two months ago I wrote to you regarding a problem I've long had with 'coons on my roof. I live in the florida keys and I wasn't sure if coyote pee would work as I'm sure my 'coons have never seen a coyote. You said it was genetic response to the smell and should work. It did. So, it's time I got my predator pee last week and finally set it up on the weekend! Works great. Every night the raccoons would clean out the bird feeder. I even had baffle to stop the squrriels but the raccoons would get up on the baffle some how and still clean out the seed! We haven't seen the raccoons for the last few nights..."



"Googled "safe humane way to scare off opossums." Read predator urine on a list of things including bright motion lights, etc. Googled "predator urine." Found multiple sites, but I apprecated that your company didn't put as much emphasis on trapping/hunting, and were also forthcoming about the collection process. I really hope this works... this opossum enjoys leaving a nightly poo pile on my front patio!"

Jessica R - NJ