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How to Get Rid of Bats

How to get rid of bats?

A bat in the house is the kind of natural drama that no one needs!

Raccoons like bats – they just hang there waiting to be grabbed! But bats have chance to survive if they catch a whiff of a Raccoon’s urine before it’s too late. The genetic response of bats to the scent of Raccoon urine is to flee the area. And if they respond quickly enough, they may even survive! When Raccoon-prey like bats become pests around your home, use PredatorPee® Raccoon Urine as the all-natural way to get rid of them by activating that very same genetic response. They will believe that a Raccoon nearby and they will be gone and stay gone!

Foggy Mountain® BatStopper

According to prey animals (like bats) rely on chemical signals to protect them from predators:
“Much like with visual cues, animals can detect the presence of predators through both general and species-specific chemical signals. ... chemicals in urine and skin lipids may be used to determine the identity of potential predators. Chemosensory (chemical) cues can be present in the air, in water, or on the ground, and can be detected by prey ... providing a reliable indication of a predator's presence even if it is visually undetectable... Animals can also use changes in the concentration or age of a scent to determine which direction a predator was traveling, in order to better avoid it.”

Raccoons are a primary predator of bats. They are natural climbers, so it is easy for raccoons to access bat roosts no matter where they are. When a bat smells Foggy Mountain® BatStopper Raccoon Urine, it instinctively knows that it is no longer a safe place to be. Foggy Mountain® BatStopper Raccoon Urine – putting natural predator-prey instincts to work to get rid of bats and keep them gone! Free Shipping Always to USA & Canada