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33 Day Dispensers - 10 pack dispensing vials

33 Day Dispensers - 10 pack dispensing vials

83110 PP
33 Day Dispensers - 1 Pack $25.00 33 Day Dispensers - 2 Pack - Save $5 $45.00 33 Day Dispensers - 4 Pack - Save $20 $80.00

33 Day Predator Urine Dispensers – these handy PredatorPee Dispensers feature a wide mouth that is very easy to fill with any PredatorPee liquid, over-sized vent holes, an easy to open cap open and close, plus an extra-long twist tie and NEW a specially manufactured, Made in the USA sturdy, metal ground stake that makes our 33 Day Dispensers easy to use anywhere. Just fill the dispensers about half way with your choice of PredatorPee outdoor animal deterrent (about an ounce to one and a half ounces per dispenser) and place them about 10–12 feet apart to create a "pee-rimeter around the area you wish to protect. The scent of PredatorPee will be protected from rain and weather and dispersed throughout the area for 30 days or more. Refresh with PredatorPee about once a month. 10 Dispensers to a package. (Please note: Dispensers do not contain urine. Urine to be purchased separately or included in combo packs)