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Every Predator has its favorite animal food sources. Those are called the prey and the prey greatly fear those predators. If the prey catch the scent of the predator, they run. PredatorPee® works by allowing you to put the right scent of a predators where the pesky prey animals like mice, rats, rabbits, deer, coyotes etc are so you can get rid of them fast. The icons show many of the most common pests and problem animals our customers deal with. A click will take you to the right PredatorPee® natural pest repellent!


Here is a quick reference chart:
CoyotePee deters deer, rats, groundhogs, woodchucks, raccoons, weasels
FoxPee gets rid of squirrels, rabbits, skunks, chipmunks
BobcatPee repels mics, moles, voles
WolfPee stops coyotes, cats, foxes, mule deer, bear, elk, horses
Mt.LionPee works on javelina, wild boar, armadillo
BearPee works on dogs, wolves, moose
PorcupineStopper takes care of porcupines
HawkStopper protects chickens from hawks
SnakeGuard traps snakes
PeeCoy for geese
Skunk’Um stops loitering people.

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