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How to Get Rid Of Mice with PredatorPee

How to get rid of mice in your house with PredatorPee„¥ BobcatPee

and how to repel mice from your house if they are already there:

To Keep Mice Out: At certain times during the year, mice look for shelter from weather or to find a place to nest and have babies. A mouse thinks your house, basement, attic, barn, shed, cellar or garage would be just the right kind of place. To keep mice out with a natural mice deterrent, you can use PredatorPee„¥ BobcatPee 12 oz or 16 oz liquid or to create a bobcat urine scent barrier around your home. This scent of a mouse’s most feared predator will communicate to a mouse that your home is not a safe place to be, creating a natural mouse repellent. Use PredatorPee„¥  BobcatPee in liquid form in conjunction with our ScentTags or 33 Day Dispensers 

To Get Mice Out: When mice have already moved in, it is time to use PredatorPee„¥ BobcatPeeShots.
These are vented canisters that are “pee-loaded” with PredatorPee„¥ BobcatPee. They come in an 8 pack and are easy to use. Just remove the cap and place in those dark spaces like under the sink,
behind the furnace etc. that mice love….and where you have probably already seen droppings. Mice get the scent and they move out!