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Javelina, Wild Hog, Boar and Pig Problems - Wolf Urine

These nasty critters cause huge problems all over the world and wolf urine is the ultimate wild boar, pig, hog, and javelina repellent. Create a "pee-rimeter" around your yard by using WolfPee liquid natural pig deterrent with ScentTags, 33 Day Dispensers particularly across well-traveled pig trails. Even if you don't naturally have wolves in your area wild hogs have an instinctual fear and PredatorPee® Brand Wolf Urine is what you need. Try this natural pig deterrent today.

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"I am a returning customer. Your product worked really, really well for me last summer and the javelinas are back now .... time to restock! Thanks for the help..."

Stephanie - Mayer, AZ


"My housemate goes online and discovers the website. . . . I immediately place an order online....Several months later, I can report that no plant-plundering pigs have returned to my property. Elated with success!"

Gabriela - Hawaii