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"It all started in the early 80’s when I was helping my good friend, the legendary Maine Master Guide, Wayne A. Bosowicz launch his line of Foggy Mountain hunting scents & lures. We had a great time doing all the hunting shows around the country. Wayne was teaching me about the hunting world and I was teaching him about marketing products. Those were very good years.

By 1986 Wayne’s guide service was really booming. So, when the opportunity came to buy the Foggy Mountain product line from Wayne, I jumped at the chance. In the years that followed, we expanded the product line beyond the hunting market with the introduction of PredatorPee® - a brand that pioneered the use of predator urines for all-natural home & garden pest control.

Now nearly 40 years later, the business has grown into a pretty respectable family business with 2 daughters, a son-in-law and some grandkids working in the day-to-day operations producing and shipping over 20,000 orders a year world-wide.

Our PredatorPee® predator urine line now includes over 100 products that help folks deal with almost every kind of pest critter there is.

Our Foggy Mountain® line has grown well beyond the original hunting scents & lures, with an interesting and ever-growing mix of unique and useful outdoor products that have their roots in the Maine outdoors.

Thank you for visiting Maine Outdoor Solutions and hope you’ll poke around our website a bit. I think you’ll enjoy it.”


Maine Outdoor Solutions - Unique and Useful Products From Maine

Ken Johnson, Founder