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PredatorPee® Real  Fox Urine Products - Foxes are very efficient killing machines. They are quick, smart and lethal. Foxes prey on rabbits, hare, chipmunks, squirrels, and skunk. And Fox Urine sends a message of extreme fear to these animals. When these animals get a whiff of Fox Urine spray, they know that real danger could be very close by! For sheer survival, they flee! The PredatorPee Fox Urine concept is simple - create a "pee-rimeter" around your yard, garden, etc. in much the same way as a Fox marks its territory in the wild. The Fox Urine "pee-rimeter" creates a ring of fear that Fox prey will make every effort to avoid. If you have a rabbit problem or squirrel problem or if you want to get rid of skunks, Fox Pee Fox Urine is the natural solution. You have seen the damage that these critters can cause. Now you can stop them without chemical repellents with all-natural, pesticide-free liquid fox urine in a convenient 12 ounce squeeze bottle. Yard Cover Shakin' Flake fox urine granules are perfect for protecting gardens and lawns and container gardens from digging and burrowing critters like chipmunks. It is the natural way to get rid of rabbits, skunks, squirrels and more! Buy fox urine below.

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“I don't remember where I heard of Predator Pee as I have used it for over 25
years.  I takes care of all the troublesome critters except bead beetles!”

Janice – Johnstown, OH

“Your FoxPee does the trick!”

Paula – Sagamore Hills, OH

 “I bought a bottle of FoxPee a few months ago, it works very well for what I intended!”

Anita - Chino Valley, AZ

“This stuff works GREAT at keeping skunks away from our property and pets.”

Brian - Peabody, MA

“As far as i can tell the FoxPee is working!!! Hooooray...this appears to be great! Who knew..Thank You!!!”

Trish – Thousand Oaks, CA

“I am extremely happy with my fox urine. I have not seen a single squirrel, chipmunk or bunny in my yard/garden since I put it out! Thank You!!!”

Jennifer – Columbus, IN

“Your FoxPee has been a big help in deterring wild animals/mammals.”

Caroline – Sunland, CA