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YardCover Shakin'Flakes - Granular PredatorPee®
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PredatorPee® YardCover Shakin'Flakes bring all the power of liquid PredatorPee® in Easy-PEEzy shake-able and spreadable flakes. PredatorPee® YardCover Shakin'Flakes work exactly the same way as liquid PredatorPee® does. PredatorPee® YardCover Shakin'Flakes create the illusion that a predator is nearby just like the liquid PredatorPee® does. Whether you want to send a message to deer, rats, mice, raccoon, groundhogs, coyotes, squirrels, skunks or any other annoying animal, there is a PredatorPee® YardCover Shakin'Flakes "flavor" that is just right for the animal problem in your life.
PredatorPee® YardCover Shakin'Flakes are available in a variety of packaging sizesand combo from our 16 oz size all the way up to our MEGA size that will treat up to 3200 square feet!