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How to Get Rid of Rats with Coyote Pee

Want to Know How to Get Rid of Rats Humanely? Ask the Peeman, like Jule Did

Posted by Jule Banville < on Feb. 6, 2009 at 10:26 am

Rats hanging out in cars and eating essential parts is a common enough problem in the District of Columbia. As City Desk previously chronicled, it happens in Adams Morgan. It happens at 15th and U. Kathryn Kailian, anesthetician who lives in Dupont Circle, had to take her car in six times for service because of rat damage. At one point, she submitted a claim for the $1,200 her dealership charged to completely re-wire her vehicle. "Our insurance company dropped us," she says.

Fed up, Kailian Googled for solutions and found PredatorPee„µ Coyote Pee for rats. She ordered a bottle of it on the Internet, sprayed it on her engine, and hasn't had a problem since. One bottle will last her "for years" since she only spritzes every few months. The smell dissipates pretty quickly and the rats have left her alone, despite the fact that she parks in an alley with Dumpsters filled by Five Guys, Chipotle, Cosi, and other delicious-to-rats restaurants.”


Whether they are city rats, roof rats, country rats, Norway rats or whatever you call them in your neck of the woods PredatorPee„µ Coyote Pee for rats will get rid of them. Choose your rat deterrent below.

To Keep Rats Out of Buildings: Use liquid CoyotePee in our 12 or 16 ounce bottles in conjunction with our ScentTags or 33Day Dispensers. Just fill the dispensers or spray the tags and hang on the provided wooden stakes every 10-12’ around the outside of the foundation for a natural rat repellent.

To Get Rats Out: Use our specially designed “pee-loaded” CoyotePeeShots. Just take off the caps and place in those dark corners that rats love – like under the sink or anywhere you have seen droppings.

To Keep Rats out of Your Car: Use PeeShots placed by each tire and in the engine compartment while the vehicle is parked.

Ninety percent of a coyote’s diet is made up of rats and other rodents -up to 1800 rodents a year according to scientific research on a coyote’s eating habits. So it’s a pretty safe assumption that a rat will want to avoid any are in which it might encounter a coyote. Survival basics. A rat will detect the presence of a coyote if it smells a coyote’s urine and when it does, the rat instinctively knows it’s time to leave. PredatorPee® CoyotePee Coyote Urine allows you to trigger that instinctive flight response in rats. When a rat smells PredatorPee® CoyotePee Coyote Urine it believes a real coyote is nearby it gets the message loud and clear that your place is no place to be!Find PredatorPee® CoyotePee Coyote Urine right here today! Free Shipping Always to USA & Canada