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PorcupineStopper for Porcupine Problems

PredatorPee® PorcupineStopper 

In some parts of the country, porcupines can be very destructive pests by chewing away the underpinnings of sheds, barns, and cabins, and by posing a dangerous threat to dogs and cats. The 3 natural predators most feared by porcupines are the Fisher (or Fisher Cat), Mt. Lion and Bobcat. Our PredatorPee® PorcupineStopper is a proprietary blend of these urines and makes getting rid of porcupines easier and more natural than chemical porcupine deterrents. Porcupines love to move in under camps, sheds, garages and other structures and wreak havoc. Stop them with PredatorPee® PorcupineStopper, the natural, humane way to get rid of porcupines. Create a "pee-rimeter" around your yard by using PredatorPee® PorcupineStopper liquid with ScentTags or 33 Day Dispensers or spread PredatorPee® PorcupineStopper YardCover around and under structures.

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