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Rat Problems - Coyote Urine

When rats are a problem, Coyote Urine spray to keep rats away is the repellent for rats you're looking for. Learn how to repel rats from your yard by creating a "pee-rimeter" using CoyotePee liquid with ScentTags, 33 Day Dispensers or ScentWraps. Also use this natural rat deterrent outdoors around the foundation of houses, sheds, garages or barns. CoyotePee YardCover granules are perfect for keeping rats out of compost. Use CoyotePeeShots to keep rats out of basements, garages, attics etc. by placing inside along outside walls. PeeShots are also perfect for protecting parked cars,RV's and boats from chewing and gnawing rat damage. Browse our selection of coyote urine for rats below. Coyote urine spray to keep rats away is the ultimate natural rat repellent.

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I've been using your products for mice and rats and am really happy with it.  I tell everybody about it.  In fact, I just rave about your product.  Thank you so much!"

Linda – Northfolk, CA

“Kathryn K. who lives in Dupont Circle, had to take her car in six times for service because of rat damage. At one point, she submitted a claim for the $1,200 her dealership charged to completely re-wire her vehicle. "Our insurance company dropped us," she says.Fed up, Kailian Googled for solutions and found coyote pee. She ordered it on the Internet and hasn't had a problem since. The smell dissipates pretty quickly and the rats have left her alone, despite the fact that she parks in an alley with Dumpsters filled by Five Guys, Chipotle, Cosi, and other delicious-to-rats restaurants.”