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From time to time, someone from the media tracks down Ken Johnson, aka The PeeMan for an interview.
Here are a few recent ones....and some oldies, too!


The Latest PredatorPee® & Foggy Mountain® News:
First Ever All-Natural Loitering & Encampment Deterrent

During the Summer of 2023, Zachary Crocket, Host of "The Economics of Everyday Things"
invited the PeeMan to be a guest on his podcast.
He arranged for a linkup between his studio in California
and one at Husson University here in Maine.
Take a listen to the result!
Animal Urine - Freakonomics

An interview request from a popular Sports Talk Show in Texas was new territory for the PeeMan (aka Founder of Maine Outdoor Solutions), but he had a great time.

And from the archives-

An excerpt from Dave Barry's Christmas Gift Guide,
published in the Miami Herald, December 4, 1994:

“We feel the need to stress that we are not making this item up. This item, according to its manufacturer, is a bottle containing “100% real wild bobcat urine.” Some lucky person on your holiday gift list will surely appreciate receiving this item, especially if he or she has learned, from harsh personal experience, how difficult it is to obtain urine from a wild bobcat. (“no, Rex! Go in the jar! In the JAR, boy!”).

The manufacturer – which also sells fox and coyote urine – states that these products can be used “as a lure or to create the illusion that a predator is present.” We’re sure that there are plenty of people on your gift list who could benefit from this item. For example, a person seeking a mate could put a subtle dab of bobcat urine behind his or her ears so as to make himself or herself really stand out in a singles-bar environment and lure a certain type of individual (“Down, Rex! DOWN!) We understand Liz Taylor uses this product by the gallon.

This product could also be very handy in situations where you need to clear out a crowd. Let’s say you want to dine at popular restaurant, but there is a big crowd of people ahead of you waiting for tables. All you have to do is squirt some of this product around the waiting area and watch as it takes effect. (Marge, I cannot really say why, but I sense that predators are present. Let’s go to Taco Bell.”)"

Wall Street Journal – August 21, 2001

….This “Maine company sells the urine of predators – to be sprinkled as a deterrent...