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Peter Jennings, the Late Famed News Anchorman, Calls Us "Geniuses"
Peter Jennings called today to tell us that we are “geniuses for bringing back the Crusher Hat.” He said had been looking for months to
find the Crusher hat and was so excited he found it on our website. He asked if it was the one that that could be rolled up and put in your pocket. I told him it was and that I would be watching to see if he’d be wearing it on location somewhere, and he said “you probably will.”

-Phone conversation December 10, 2003, with the late famed news anchorman, Peter Jennings

"Years ago, when I came north to study Forestry at the University of Maine, one of the first things I noticed were these great wool felt crusher hats that lots of the guys in the program were wearing. I had to have one. These hats were made of tough boiled wool felt and worked great in any weather. You could fold it up, stuff it in your back pocket and pull it out when you needed it. They kept their shape and definitely were way more than a fashion statement in the woods of Maine. This was THE HAT you wore when you went in the woods to hunt, fish or work. Many years later while looking for authentic outdoor wear to join our other outdoor products I thought about this hat. It took a while to track down the original maker, and we are proud to bring back this legend of the north country. Our rolled wool crusher hats for hunting are still made in America, and still a must-have piece of gear for anyone who works or plays in the great outdoors. You'll love this hat." K J, Maine Outdoor Solutions


Made in USA for Over 100 Years! Authentic Rolled Wool Maine Crusher Hats. 

Your Color Choices:

Hunter Green, Traditional Red, Blaze Orange, Midnight Black, and Slate Grey.  

Your Size Choices:

X-SMALL (US hat size 6 3/4) - Fits heads that measure 21 1/8 inches.

SMALL (US hat size 6 7/8) - Fits heads that measure 21 1/2 inches.

MEDIUM (US hat size 7 1/8) - Fits heads that measure 21 7/8 inches to 22 1/4 inches.

LARGE (US hat size 7 3/8) - Fits heads that measure 22 5/8 inches to 23 inches.

X-LARGE (US hat size 7 5/8) - Fits heads that measure 23 1/2 inches to 23 7/8 inches.

Make Size/Color Selection below.

These rolled wool crusher hats are made of tough boiled wool felt and work great in any weather. You can fold it up, stuff it in your back pocket and pull it out when you need it. These felt crusher hats keep their shape and definitely are way more than a fashion statement here in the woods of Maine. These wool hunting hats are perfect for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. You'll love this felt crusher hat! Order early, we ran through our inventory of crusher hats for sale very quickly last year.

Now! Kid'sKrushers too!

Introducing the New Foggy Mountain Flapper and Brimmer Crusher Hats - Unique, Stylish Crushers with Brims & Earflaps!


For over 100 years, The Foggy Mountain® Real Maine Crusher Hat has been the hat to wear in the Maine woods. The Foggy Mountain® Real Maine Crusher Hat is made American-made from soft, rolled wool felt. The Foggy Mountain® Real Maine Crusher Hat comes in Hunter Green, Traditional Red, Midnight Black, Slate Gray and Blaze Orange. It is comfortable and rolls right up to fit in your pocket! Free Shipping Always to USA & Canada

" dad and his friends had these hats
in the '70s when him and my mom drove the AlCan and moved to Alaska for a few
years, I'm getting ready to make this trek myself next spring and need a
matching hat!" -  
Quentin - Priest River, Idaho

"I found you on google searching the original "crusher"... best hat I ever owned...Wife hates it I love it lasted 20+ years need a new one... going to try your bear guard on my 15+ year Red Wing logger boots"

-Thomas, East Northport, NY

"My dad used to wear these and hand them down to me when I was little. 25 years later I saw a picture of us both wearing them so I started looking. You guys are the only ones selling a true crusher hat anymore. Thanks for keeping an old memory alive."

-Guy, Sedro Woolley, WA


"Thank you folks for having a "Good old school" product that's made in the USA! Been wearing one of these since high school along with my black cut off pants and suspenders. We gypo loggers here in Idaho are appreciative!"


"I am THRILLED to receive my Maine [Crusher] Hats tonight in the mail.  My Dad, who passed away four years ago, used to wear these hats working for Suburban Propane/Amerigas for 37 years!  He would always brag that he could be in the pouring rain for HOURS and his head would never get wet!






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