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The Foggy Mountain® Flapper

Here in Maine it’s usually snowing and cold for about half the year. And because you just have to go out sometimes, it makes sense to wear a wide brimmed hat. We all have been told that when it’s cold out, we lose most of our body heat right out the top of our heads. That may be true, but common sense would tell you that if all that heat is rising up in your body, winding it’s way to the top your head, some of it might leak out wherever there are holes. Right? Like your ears for example. So why take any chances.

Our Maine Ear Flapper Hat from Foggy Mountain® combines all the heritage and comfort of our Crushers & Brimmers with ear flaps too! Cover all those heat-losing spots in style with one of these flapper hats for sale!

The flaps tuck up inside the hat when not in use and flip it down to trap the heat and warm those ears of yours! And of course, crushable too!

MEDIUM (US hat size 7 1/8) - This hat that covers ears fits heads that measure 21 7/8 inches to 22 1/4 inches.

LARGE (US hat size 7 3/8) - Fits heads that measure 22 5/8 inches to 23 inches.

X-LARGE (US hat size 7 5/8) - Fits heads that measure 23 1/2 inches to 23 7/8 inches.


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