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Stop Fall Mice Invasion

Every fall mice begin looking for a warm, comfortable place to spend the winter. And to mice, your home looks like a mighty nice place to go! But, you don’t have to make it easy. Doing nothing is like putting out the welcome mat to mice and the damage that follows them. For nearly 40 years, we at PredatorPee® have putting nature’s own predator-prey communication system to work help keep mice out of homes, garages, sheds, camps, cottages, rv’s, campers and just about anywhere else a mouse might like to spend the winter.

PredatorPee® Bobcat Urine is the weapon and the mouse’s natural predator-warning instinct is the trigger. In nature, a mouse’s life consists of finding food, finding shelter, finding a mate and avoiding predators. Mice avoid predators by using their sense of smell to detect the presence of a predator like a bobcat. The smell that they detect is the odor of the bobcat’s urine. Bobcats are territorial so in addition to regular urination, bobcats mark their territory by spraying urine around the area they claim for themselves.

By applying PredatorPee® Bobcat Urine around the outside perimeter of your buildings, you prevent mouse infestations by creating a natural and effective “pee-rimeter” that sends a message to mice that a hungry bobcat might be prowling around nearby. The mouse’s instinct does the rest. When a mouse smells bobcat urine, it knows it is time to leave ….and fast! PredatorPee® Bobcat Urine is available in liquid and granular form, as well as in easy-to-use PeeShot dispensing canisters. Free Shipping Always!