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Bobcat Urine 16 oz Trigger Spray Bottles

Bobcat Urine 16 oz Trigger Spray Bottles

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Bobcat Urine 16oz - 1 Pack $42.00 Bobcat Urine – 16oz–2 Pack-Save $10 $74.00 Bobcat Urine – 16oz–4 Pack -Save $25 $143.00

PredatorPee® BobcatPee 16 ounce Trigger Spray Bottle 100% real bobcat urine for mice. Since PredatorPee® first came on the market back in 1986, BobcatPee Bobcat Urine spray for rodents has been one of our best-selling natural rodent deterrents. Why? Because mice are one of the pervasive pest problems that people face. Thousands of people search the internet for “mouse repellent” or “how to get rid of mice” or “how to repel mice.”

PredatorPee® BobcatPee pure bobcat urine spray repels mice by using the scent of bobcat pee to create the illusion that a predator is nearby. The urine smell triggers a genetic fear reaction in mice that causes them to get as far away as possible. When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Out in the natural world, an animals sense of smell is often its most effective defense against danger. A mouse knows instinctively that the scent of bobcat urine, means BIG trouble is nearby and the flight instinct kicks in. Put natures own defense mechanism to work for you and get rid of mice, moles and voles wherever they are with PredatorPee® BobcatPee 100% real bobcat urine. Packed in a 16 oz bottle with an adjustable trigger sprayer. Each bottle will treat a 200' “pee-rimeter” approx. twice. Save up to $25 when you choose a 2 or 4 pack! Get this natural rodent deterrent spray today!

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PredatorPee® Bobcat Pee Brand Bobcat Urine takes a pest animal’s predator/prey survival instincts and makes them an all-natural repellent for you to prevent damage to your yard, garden, home, barn, shed, garage, crops, plants, trees and shrub as well as cars, trucks, campers, RV’s and other vehicles and power equipment. Our PredatorPee® Bobcat Pee Brand Bobcat Urine replicates the distinct marking scent of a real bobcat. These pests are the bobcat’s primary prey: mice, moles, voles and other rodents.  When these creatures smell the scent of a bobcat in the area, they won’t move in, and if they already have, they’ll want to move out fast! So, if any of these pests are your problem, PredatorPee® Bobcat Pee Brand Bobcat Urine is the natural deterrent you need. PredatorPee® - bringing Pee to the People for over 30 years!