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Hawk Stopper - Putting Freedom into Free Range

Protect Your Chickens From Hawk Attack with HawkStopper 
Nearly Invisible to Humans, But 
What the Hawk Sees, Stops Them Cold!

Hawks Never Even Touch the HawkStopper Net – They Just See The Net and Stay Away! 

This Bird Netting for Chicken Protection is Not a Physical Barrier, but Extreme Visual Deflection At Work!
Hawks see 8 times better than humans, so to a hawk, HawkStopper chicken coop hawk netting looks 8 times thicker, 8 times stronger and can be seen from
 8 times farther away! Learn more about how to protect free range chickens with chicken nets below.

New - Improved - Tangle-free Monofilament

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1500 Square Feet of Hawk Protection For Less than $100!  - FREE SHIPPING* too!

How does the Hawk Stopper Visual Deflection Net work to deter chicken coop predators?
No human's eyesight comes even close to the 
eyesight of predatory raptors like hawks.
Hawks see about 8 times better than humans - they see things sharper and from a greater distance than anything we can imagine.

Hawk Stopper uses the hawk's incredible eyesight to make an easy-to-handle,
inexpensive, lightweight 1500 square foot mesh
look like formidable and impenetrable visual barrier.


 The illustration below compares how the Hawk Stopper Net looks to us vs. how it looks to a hawk.
What we see as almost invisible looks to hawk like jail cell door! This makes for the ultimate hawk deterrent for chickens.

What we see - hawkstopper     what-hawk-sees-hawkstopper


"We put this up over a year ago and the hawks don't sit above or around our chicken run anymore.
 Very happy with this product."

The Hawk stopper was easy to install and has done the job in protecting our chickens! Thank you for providing a great product, well worth the investment. - The Winery at Wolf Creek


5 out of 5 Star Rating
Amazon Customer Snowkitty
November 15, 2017


 "Thank you PredatorPee for overnighting our Hawk Stopper!!!
and I'm happy to say the hawk has not been able to get into the chicken area since putting the netting up!



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"Kummer Homestead YouTube video singing hawk net praises.  Let’s hope it keeps
those hungry flying critters away from my chickens." Marion P

"Easy to put up and works great! Our 11 chickens are safe and healthy. I highly recommend"

"Thank you HawkStopper! This and my scare crow are working wonderfully together."