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Setting Up Your HawkStopper

HawkStopper - Mini-HawkStopper
Installation Instructions

"Thank you HawkStopper! This and my scare crow are working wonderfully together."

"So far so good, net stretches well for good coverage.
I've only seen raptors fly over, rather than perching contemplating which hen they think they'll get."
5.0 out of 5 Stars Amazon Customer Brandi A. December 19, 2016

"This net was easy to install. I haven't personally witnessed any airborne predators being deterred by the net but,
given the fact that I haven't lost any more chickens, I'm assuming it had something to do with it."
5.0 out of 5 Stars Amazon Customer Jamey J. December 26, 2016


Learn how to set up your Hawk Stopper Visual Deflection Net. This bird netting for chickens stops hawks and other predatory birds by taking advantage of their super-sharp eyesight.
Chicken coop roof netting that looks almost invisible to us, looks like impenetrable iron bars to them! This chicken coop hawk netting is perfect for yard use.

Mini-HawkStopper - Size when Stretched: Approximately 20' x 35' - Mesh 5"x 7'
HawkStopper - Size when Stretched: Approximately 20' x 75' - Mesh 5"x 7"

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1. Pull from bag holding the flourescent tape and unfurl to full length
2. Starting at one end, remove fluorescent tape
3. Spread HawkStopper apart and locate each corner
4. Gradually spread work your way down the full length of HawkStopper spreading it out to its full width on each side
5. Starting with one corner, hang and tie off HawkStopper to trees or poles at height desired using the rope provided. Trim with scissors if necessary
6. Finish tying off as needed. Trim with scissors if necessary
7. Hawk's eye-view from above

This hawk deterrent for chickens was first used to protect salt-water salmon farms in the Gulf of Maine from predatory sea birds.
Hawk Stopper now uses the same principles of visual deflection to protect free-range chickens, turkeys and ducks as well as koi, catfish and other inland pond or farm-raised fish.


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