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Micro HawkStopper

Micro HawkStopper

Micro HawkStopper PP

The -PredatorPee® Micro HawkStopper is the perfect size for small, urban backyard chicken set-ups. This chicken coop hawk netting is the same concept as HawkStoppers and Mini-Hawkstoppers but in an even smaller size.  500 sq ft (approx. 20'x25') of Visual Deflection Netting with 100 feet of rope for installation included!

Hawk netting for chickens keeps hawks away from your backyard poultry. Micro HawkStopper does not act as a physical barrier but rather as effective visual deflection. Micro Hawk Stopper uses the hawk's keen eyesight to make an even easier to handle, cost effective and super lightweight mesh look like a formidable and impenetrable visual barrier. Now available in this convenient smaller size! 



This is the 3rd net I've ordered so I searched by name. The first time was probably google and probably words like hawk protection.

L. VH – 5/19