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Real PredatorPee® Mt. Lion Urine communicates pure fear as it creates the realistic impression that Mt. Lions are in the immediate area. For armadillos, javelinas, wild boar, and wild pigs, this spells trouble. These prey react instinctively to the perceived presence of this fierce predator. Cougar urine is an all natural armadillos, javelinas, wild boar, and wild pig repellent, safe to use around pets and has no chemicals. Cougar pee is an extremely effective territorial deception scent that creates the illusion that these animals' most dangerous predator is ready to strike.  If you live in the south or west and you're searching for a natural javelina, wild boar, wild pig, or armadillo deterrent, browse mountain lion urine for sale below.

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“This is my second order of your Mt. Lion urine, count me as a loyal customer!” 

Mary – Tucson, AZ

“The Mt. Lion urine works extremely well on armadillos tearing up my yard. Thank you!!!!”

Carol – Lakeway, TX