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Armadillo Problems - Mt Lion Urine

Getting rid of armadillos is easy with PredatorPee. 100% Pure Mountain Lion Urine creates the realistic impression that Mt. Lions are in the immediate area. This wild hog repellent is great for wild pigs, armadillos, javelinas, and other mammals native to the south and west, this spells trouble. These prey react instinctively to the perceived presence of this fierce predator known regionally as a Mountain Lion, Cougar or Panther. Mountain lion pee (Cougar Urine and Panther Urine) is not a pesticidal armadillo repellent, but rather it is an extremely effective territorial deception scent. We have mountain lion urine for sale in a variety of forms so you can find the natural armadillo repellent that fits your situation and needs. Browse our selection of armadillo deterrents below!

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"Dear Peepeople,
So, far I have placed several mountain lion and coyote pee orders.  This stuff stinks and it works!  I’m impressed, since putting the pee out my garden hasn’t been torn up by armadillos, raccoons, or ugly possums.  Again thank you."   Patricia V

Whether armadillos are digging up your lawn searching for food or burrowing under patios, decks, sheds or homes for shelter, armadillos may be cute to look at but they are most destructive digging machines. Although the armadillo looks like it has armor-plating, it does have predators. The armadillo's most feared predator is the cougar or mountain lion. With very poor eyesight and hearing, armadillos rely on their strong sense of smell to survive. They can smell food nearly 8" underground. Their keen sense of smell also protects them from predators. When an armadillo catches the scent of PredatorPee® Mt.LionPee Mountain Lion Urine, it knows that it is time to stop digging and start moving! PredatorPee® Mt.LionPee Mountain Lion Urine is real urine that sends a message of pure danger to armadillos.  Free Shipping Always to USA & Canada (although probably not too many 'dillos in Canada)