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Bird, Geese and Duck Problems - Coyote PeeCoy

Keep wild birds off your lawn with a humane, natural bird deterrent in the form of duck and goose repellent decoys. Because birds, geese and ducks have a weaker sense of smell than 4-legged pests, we have combined the sight and smell into a powerful natural bird repellent. Our CoyotePeeCoy goose and duck repellent combines life-like Coyote Decoys with the realism of real Coyote Urine. They see a coyote and they smell one too and they are outa here! Use one PeeCoy coyote decoy for geese and ducks per 1/4 acre. Save more when you buy multiple goose deterrent decoys!


The Concept – How Much You Need – How to Use It

  • CoyotePeeCoy
    PEECOY, 91212, and 83109

    Geeese, turkeys, ducks and other birds depend on very keen eyesight to warn them of the presence of predators. Our PeeCoy Coyote Decoy Combo combines a realistic 2 sided Coyote Decoy with the realism enhancer of CoyotePee. The combination of both seeing and smelling a coyote will tell birds clearly that your yard is not a safe place to be! The PeeCoy Combo combines one sturdy, life-size, easy-to-set-up2-sided Coyote Decoy, one 12 oz bottle of CoyotePee and one 12 pack of ScentTags. Save $10! A $90 value for only $80 - Save more when you buy multiples.

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    Price $82.00 $77.00 $72.00
    Use one PeeCoy for each 1/4 acre (100'x100') Save $15 when you buy 3! Save $60 or more when you buy 6 ore more! Free Shipping!
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