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Skunk Problems - Fox Urine

Skunks can be a big problem, and getting rid of skunks can be an even bigger problem. They tear up your lawn while digging up grubs, get into your pet food and of course stink up the place! Fox urine for skunks is the ultimate natural skunk repellent. Learn how to deter skunks and keep them away from your yard and garden with our selection of fox pee for sale below. You'll find products with a variety of fox urine uses depending on your situation.

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"I live in San Diego, Cal. and we have so many skunks this year. I've called all over town asking how to get rid of them. Everyone said to get a trap and take them to the country to release them. I'm in my 70's and am not about to trap a skunk! My son in Seattle, Wash. sent me some Fox urine. He said everyone up there uses it but down here they laughed at me. However, it has worked for 3 weeks, but now they're back. Help! How can I order more ?"

E. Hanley  - San Diego, California

“I have used your products (for skunks) for at least the past 6 years...and they work!”

Wally – Salem, OR

“This stuff works GREAT at keeping skunks away from our property and pets.”

Brian - Peabody, MA