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Dog Training

In the animal world, urine is the great communicator. It not only warns prey of the presence of a predator, but also communicates territorial boundaries to members of like species. Dogs react instinctively to the scent of canine urine and this is how you can use Foggy Mountain® Go-Pup-Go puppy pad training spray helps you direct dogs to the areas of your yard that you designate as "dog restrooms." Both males and females will be drawn to areas scented by Foggy Mountain® Go-Pup-Go and gradually make this their preferred spot. Our dog potty training spray allows you to keep the rest of the yard un-marked by unsightly stains and dead grass.  We also have a complete Foggy Mountain® Go-Pup-Go puppy training kit below that includes both puppy pad training spray and a month's supply of training pads to go with this spray to help potty train puppy dogs.