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Elk, Moose and Mule Deer Problems - Wolf Urine

If you live in moose, mule deer and elk country, you know what kind of damage these big pests can cause. PredatorPee® Real WolfPee Wolf urine is the answer! For the ultimate elk, moose, and mule deer repellent, buy wolf urine today!

The Concept – How Much You Need – How to Use It

“So far the wolf urine has been out for a little over ten days. We have seen signs of elk on the golf course in some areas, but not where we have been hanging up the scent tags. We have been very pleased so far...”

Jackson Hole Golf and Tennis Club, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"The Wolf Urine really works so we are giving a bottle to a friend who has a bear visiting his bird feeder. As for us, we haven't seen a coyote in the neighborhood for years now.

Nancy E.

“I am a repeat customer (WolfPee for Moose) and I am glad you are still around...the stuff works great!”

Bill – Anchorage, AK

“I have been ordering your product for the last 3 years and have been a very satisfied customer since.”

Wilf - Newfoundland, Canada

"I used your products last year to keep the moose out of my plants. ... you have good products”

Keith Z. - Anchorage