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Wolf Urine 16 oz Trigger Spray Bottles

Wolf Urine 16 oz Trigger Spray Bottles

Original PredatorPee® Real Wolf Urine - 16 ounces in an adjustable trigger spray bottle - Big Savings when you buy multiples!

Wolf Urine 16oz - 1 Pack $40.00 Wolf Urine 16oz - 2 Pack - Save $10 $70.00 Wolf Urine 16oz - 4 Pack - Save $25 $135.00

Original PredatorPee® 16-oz. Wolf Urine spray bottle with adjustable trigger. Wolf pee is a natural coyote repellent that you can use to keep pets safe. Each bottle will treat a 200' “pee-rimeter” approx twice. Save up to $25 when you choose 2 packs or 4 packs!

The Concept – How Much You Need – How to Use It

PredatorPee® Wolf Pee Brand Wolf Urine allows you to take control of a pest animal’s natural predator/prey survival or territorial instinct and use it to stop pests from causing damage to your yard, garden, home, barn, shed, garage, crops, plants, trees and shrubs as well as cars, trucks, campers, RV’s and other vehicles and power equipment. This natural repellent also provides protection for your pets, chickens, and livestock. Our PredatorPee® Wolf Pee Brand Wolf Urine duplicates the real scent of this dominant canine, which communicates to coyotes and foxes that the BIG DOG is nearby and it is time to move somewhere else fast! PredatorPee® Wolf Pee Brand Wolf Urine duplicates the scent of the biggest predator to these prey animals: moose, mule deer, elk, bears, bobcats, feral cats, foxes, weasels, bighorn sheep, caribou, and beavers. When these pests get a whiff of a wolf nearby, they move along quickly!  PredatorPee® - bringing Pee to the People for over 30 years!



"Saw you online and typed in javelina repellent.  We ordered for our AZ house for javelinas and then ordered for WA for deer and bunnies.  Works incredible!  First time without deer eating all my roses, vegetables, flowers, etc!  Couldn't be happier." - Len Z 5/19