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Coyote Urine

PredatorPee® Real Coyote Urine in liquid or Yard Cover Shakin' Flake granules from Predator Pee. In the wilderness coyotes are a most voracious predator, and coyote scent will terrify many smaller animals. So when you want to get rid of deer, raccoons, possums, rats, groundhogs, gophers, iguanas, etc., coyote urine is a most effective natural repellent and deterrent. Coyote Pee stops these pests from eating your garden, damaging your yard, chewing on your shrubs, ornamentals and flowers. It also keep pests like rats from getting into your house. One of the biggest reasons people have been buying Coyote urine from us since 1986 is that the deer problem is huge everywhere. Coyote Urine is not a synthetic chemical or pesticide, Coyote urine is just real, natural pee right from the coyote. It is the only organic, all-natural deer deterrent and marmot repellent. Yard Cover Shakin' Flake coyote urine granules are especially useful in gardens where digging pests like groundhogs and gophers can be a real annoying problem.  Get rid of deer, raccoons, rats, groundhogs and more with coyote pee for sale from PredatorPee Store!

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Winter Deer Damage: It happens every year, though we never seem to remember until it's too late. As the temperature cools, deer begin to look new things to eat - like your shrubs, arborvitae, cedars and ornamentals Once they get used to this new food source, the deer will decimate your landscaping.

We’re here to remind you that for 35 years PredatorPee® CoyotePee Coyote Urine has been providing a safe, natural and non-lethal alternative to chemical deer repellents to keep deer out and away all season long. PredatorPee® CoyotePee Coyote Urine protects all the plants and bushes in your yard from the damage and destruction that deer can do by sending a message to deer that coyote is nearby and your place is no place for them to be.

Coyote"Pee-Mail" for Deer: In nature, animals communicate in very basic ways using the tools they were created with. No devices, no technology, but they do have the incredible communication power of urine! "Pee-Mail" is the social media of the wild. It is the distinctive aroma variations of urine that can help an animal find a mate and warn of the presence of a predator.
According to the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, "An animal’s sense of smell is much more developed than a human’s. Prey animals can detect an approaching predator from a great distance."
For example, when a deer that is approaching your garden or shrubs and catches a whiff of PredatorPee® CoyotePee, you can be assured that not only, is this "PeeMail" open and in the deer's in-box, the deer is also absolutely sure who the sender is. Deer know that a coyote is one of their most feared predator and that the presence of a coyote is very bad news.
Scientists have isolated the fear-generating compound that, one of a class of urinary proteins that is secreted by coyotes and a variety of other predators, found in coyote urine known as MUPS, for major urinary proteins. Chemical deer repellents and deterrents do not employ MUPS, but rather, involve the use of manufactured smells that are unpleasant to the target animals. But, bad-smelling chemical repellents and deterrents don't even come close to replicating the fear-to-the-bone visceral response that nature causes all by itself with the pure, natural power of predator urine. When deer smell the urine of a coyote, they know that they need to move away fast or they may not survive. Animals don't care as much about understanding MUPS as the scientists do. They already know everything they need to know about the scent of a predator's urine. They know the scent of a predator's urine is the simple basic, natural and reliable way that they know a dangerous predator is nearby. You can put all that to work for yoru in dealing with your deer problems with PredatorPee® CoyotePee

When a deer gets a "Pee-Mail" message from PredatorPee® CoyotePee, they know it's time to sign out and move!


"A few years back my neighbor was in Idaho…my name was mentioned about deer eating my roses. So, that's how I got to know your product Coyote Urine. It seems to be working."

A. Fogliari Belmont, CA

"I am very pleased with your Coyote Urine."

E. Harris Duxbury, MA

"The Coyote Urine…has been an effective deer deterrent."

B. Oko, M.D. Ridgefield, CT

"...we have found your Coyote Urine to be effective in deterring deer from around our home..."

Neal C. - Egg Harbor, NJ

"...your Coyote Urine is most excellent. I have tried many other products to control the deer in my yard, none have performed as well as CoyotePee..."

M. Salmon - Renton, WA

"...I am over-run by deer. A friend gave me a bottle of Coyote Urine. It was the only effective method I have ever used... thank you so much, you have a wonderful product!"

M. Gilmore - Basking Ridge, NJ

"I find your Coyote Urine is the only thing that repels deer from my garden. "

Mrs. R. Blake - Kingston, NY

"... Coyote Urine worked wonders!" 

E. Paslawski - Middlebury, CT

"Thank you. I appreciate your help. BTW, your product has worked extremely well for me last season, and so far this Spring. The uneaten by deer crocuses are a testament to the efficacy of CoyotePee."

K. Reynolds

Billy Crystal used Coyote Urine for his fox problem! Watch here!