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Coyote Urine to Get Rid of Deer

According to Michigan State University research, “There are several important concepts to understand when it comes to ... predator-prey relationships of any kind. First, many prey species have developed traits that enhance their ability to avoid being killed by predators. White-tailed deer, for example, are very fast and agile, have excellent hearing, can discern many different smells from quite a distance and utilize their white tails to alert each other of any impending threat.” One smell that is certain to get those white tails flashing is the scent of a coyote’s urine. Coyotes are a deer’s primary predator and the presence of a coyote’s urine tells a deer that a coyote is nearby. Nearly 40 years ago, we first pioneered the use of PredatorPee® CoyotePee Coyote Urine to keep deer away. PredatorPee® CoyotePee Coyote Urine puts the predator-prey instinct triggered by the scent of a coyote’s urine to work for you to drive deer away and keep them away. Free Shipping Always to USA and Canada


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"A few years back my neighbor was in Idaho…my name was mentioned about deer eating my roses. So, that's how I got to know your product Coyote Urine. It seems to be working."

A. Fogliari Belmont, CA

"I am very pleased with your Coyote Urine."

E. Harris Duxbury, MA

"The Coyote Urine…has been an effective deer deterrent."

B. Oko, M.D. Ridgefield, CT

"...we have found your Coyote Urine to be effective in deterring deer from around our home..."

Neal C. - Egg Harbor, NJ

"...your Coyote Urine is most excellent. I have tried many other products to control the deer in my yard, none have performed as well as CoyotePee..."

M. Salmon - Renton, WA

"...I am over-run by deer. A friend gave me a bottle of Coyote Urine. It was the only effective method I have ever used... thank you so much, you have a wonderful product!"

M. Gilmore - Basking Ridge, NJ

"I find your Coyote Urine is the only thing that repels deer from my garden. "

Mrs. R. Blake - Kingston, NY

"... Coyote Urine worked wonders!" 

E. Paslawski - Middlebury, CT

"Thank you. I appreciate your help. BTW, your product has worked extremely well for me last season, and so far this Spring. The uneaten by deer crocuses are a testament to the efficacy of CoyotePee."

K. Reynolds