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How to Get Rid of Cats with Predatorpee Wolf Urine

How to get rid of stray cats or keep feral and domestic cats out with PredatorPee® Wolf Urine – There is nothing more disgusting than finding that neighborhood cats have been using your prized garden for a litter box! Now you can repel cats effectively and naturally with PredatorPee® Wolf Pee liquid or Yard Cover Shakin’ Flake Granules. A cat’s fear of a wolf is imprinted deep in their genetic code. When they smell the wolf urine in our stray cat repellents, it triggers the instinct to avoid or flee serious danger. Even if a cat has never seen a wolf in its life, the genetic life-and-death warning code of the wild is always on alert, which makes getting rid of cats easier than ever with our natural cat deterrents! Keep stray cats away by creating a “pee-rimeter” around your flowers and vegetables using Wolf Pee Liquid in 12 oz or 16 oz bottles along with our ScentTags or 33Day All-Weather Dispensers. Or shake out our Shakin’ Flakes right on the ground around individual plants. When the cats smell the PredatorPee® Wolf Urine natural cat repellent, they know that the rest room is closed! Getting rid of stray cats is easy with PredatorPee. Find your ideal wolf urine cat repellent below.


A couple of years ago, I was looking for a way to keep cats out of my garden

and I found you. And wolf urine has worked good to keep the cats out. Thanks!”

L.P. Valley View, TX

PredatorPee® WolfPee Wolf Urine

Of the many concerns about stray and feral cat populations, the biggest are concerns about;

  • the spread of disease by exposure cat waste

  • or through bites or scratches

  • and the danger cats pose to endangered or protected species of birds.

While public health and animal control officials struggle with how to deal with cat overpopulation, there is something you can do to protect your yard, pets and family from stray and feral cat dangers. PredatorPee® WolfPee Wolf Urine keeps cats away by putting their fear of a predator to work for you. Even though a cat may never have encountered a wolf, deep down in a cat's DNA is an irreversible and powerful fear of this apex predator. When a cat catches a whiff of PredatorPee® WolfPee Wolf Urine, it truly believes that real danger is close at hand. PredatorPee® WolfPee Wolf Urine is the all-natural cat problem solution. Free Shipping Always to USA and Canada.