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Wolf Urine 16 oz - ScentTag SUPER SAVER COMBO

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Original PredatorPee® Wolf Urine 16 oz - ScentTag Combo Pack. Each 16oz bottle comes with a trigger sprayer top and a 10 pack of Scent Tags, twist ties, and ground stakes. Wolf Urine is a proven to repel coyotes, get rid of domestic and feral cats, and scare away foxes bobcats and weasels. It works great higher up on the food chain as well. Wolves are natural predators of mule deer, elk, moose and bear so the scent of Wolf Urine will keep these large critters away as well. Place the Scent Tags every 10-12 ft using the included twist ties and ground stakes. Saturate with wolf pee spray to create a long-lasting “pee-rimeter” - Big Savings when you buy multiples! This makes a great natural weasel repellent, too.  Because of the threat coyotes are to domestic pets, many people wonder if Original PredatorPee® Wolf Urine is safe to use around pets? Yes, it is all-natural and safe for use around pets.  A 16 ounce bottle of Wolf Pee will easily treat and refresh a 100-120 foot "pee-rimeter" two or three times,

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