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How to Keep Wild Hogs and Javelina Out with Predatorpee

PredatorPee® Mt.Lion Urine Gets Rid of Wild Pigs

"I am a returning customer. Your product worked really, really well for me last summer and the javelinas are back now .... time to restock! Thanks for the help..."
Stephanie - Mayer, AZ

"My housemate goes online and discovers the website. The website says that mountain lion pee is guaranteed to drive off javelinas, as well as wild boar. I immediately place an order online....Several months later, I can report that no plant-plundering pigs have returned to my property. Elated with success!"

Gabriela - Hawaii

Use PredatorPee® Mt.Lion Pee to repel wild pigs, feral hogs and javelina. The mountain lion is one of these critter’s few natural predators and the scent of mountain lion urine alerts these wild pigs and hogs that danger is near. Their instinctive reaction is to flee the danger. When you use PredatorPee® Mt.Lion Pee liquid 100% mountain lion urine, you are putting nature’s warning system to work for you. Use this feral hog deterrent in conjunction with our ScentTags or 33Day Dispensers to create a scent barrier that keeps the javelina and wild hogs out! Discover how to get rid of javelinas and wild pigs with our wild hog repellents below.