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Learn how to repel dogs with PredatorPee! 100% Pure Bear Urine liquid and Yard Cover Shakin' Flake granules from Predator Pee are effective natural dog repellent for lawns. There are very few things that will deter or repel a dog, but Bear urine repels dogs by using a dog's natural fear of bear to keep pesky dogs away from your yard. Hunters will tell you that a dogs natural inclination is to flee from a bear and that hunting dogs have to be trained specifically to overcome that fear. If you want to keep unwanted dogs away, Bear Urine is a great choice. Our Yard Cover Shakin' Flake lawn dog repellent granules are ideal to keep dogs from digging up your lawn or garden. Stop the neighborhood dogs from messing in your yard with Bear pee. These natural dog deterrents are also very effective to stop horses and even wolves! 100% Bear Urine - deter dogs, horses, and wolves with the bear scents below.

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"I have ordered from your company for several years...Have lived here for many years and this is the only thing that works!”

Marian - Woodland Park, CO