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Squirrel and Chipmunk Problems - Fox Urine

PredatorPee® Real Fox urine in liquid or granule (granular) from Predator Pee. There are many practical fox urine uses. In the woods and fields foxes are a very efficient predator. They stalk like a cat and kill like a machine. So if you have a rabbit, squirrel, skunk, chipmunk problem, you need a natural squirrel and chipmunk repellent. Fox urine for squirrels and chipmunks is the deterrent that works. Get rid of rabbits, repel the squirrels, stop the chipmunks, and deter the skunks with our liquid animal repellent. Predator urine in the form of Fox urine granules is the natural way to protect your yard and garden from these animal pests. PredatorPee® Real Fox Urine stops rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, skunks. Find your ideal natural chipmunk repellent and squirrel deterrent below.

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“Your products do the trick!”

Paula – Sagamore Hills, OH

"As far as i can tell the fox pee is working!!! Hooooray...this appears to be great! Who knew..Thank You!!!”

Trish – Thousand Oaks, CA"

"I recently ordered FOX urine for a problem we have had with squirrels. This is probably our third shipment and the FOX urine has been extremely successful in dealing with the problem.”


 “I would like to order some fox pee which works wonders and I am asking it to be overnighted. Is that possible? Thank You...”

Monica, New York