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Scent Tags - 10 pack hanging scent wicks

Scent Tags - 10 pack hanging scent wicks

Scent Tags - 1 Pack $21.00 Scent Tags - 2 Pack - Save $5 $37.00 ScentTag - 4 Pack - Save $15 $61.00

NEW IMPROVED - Our NEW Eco-ScentTags are still super absorbent hanging scent tags that wick the predatorpee urine scent into the air above and around an area you want to protect but now they are made of biodegradable, natural wool felt that blends nicely into any environment! Also, our NEW Eco-ScentTags come with 10 custom designed sturdy, metal stakes for super easy use. Just saturate the tags, place the stakes, hang them and you're done! PLUS the Eco-Tags and metal stakes are both made right here in the USA!! Hang 10-12 feet apart and saturate with any PredatorPee liquid. Also squirt urine on the ground, particularly around stumps, trees or rocks to duplicate marking habits. Each 10 pack of predator scent wicks will create about a 120' perimeter - (Please note: ScentTags do not contain urine. Urine to be purchased separately or included in combo packs)