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Fox Problems - WolfPee & Mt.LionPee

Learn how to deter foxes naturally and safely today! To the backyard chicken farmer or small-pet owner, nothing is more feared than a visit by Mr. Fox and his family.
Foxes are killing machines and can do serious damage in no time flat.
Even the playing field by putting an Alpha predator on your side with the ultimate natural fox deterrent.
For northern and eastern foxes, PredatorPee® Wolf Pee wolf urine creates the very realistic illusion
that the fox might be treading in dangerous wolf territory and will likely choice somewhere else to go.
Even if there haven't been wolves around for a long, long time - the genetic fear instinct is still there and Mr. Fox knows what it means!
For foxes in the south and west, the most feared alpha predator is the mountain lion.
PredatorPee® Blend of Mt.Lion & Predatory WildCat Urines creates the illusion that dangerous wildcats are nearby.
Buy wolf urine or mountain lion urine online at Predator Pee Store and try this natural fox repellent for yourself.

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