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Wolf Urine 16 oz - Dispenser SUPER SAVER COMBO

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PredatorPee® Wolf Urine in a 16 ounce trigger spay bottle.  Sixteen ounces of 100% Pure PredatorPee® Wolf Urine combined with a 10 pack of our weather proof 33 Day Dispensers to get rid of coyotes, rats and cats. At a great price, too! Use the vented 33 Day Dispenser vials hung every 10-12 ft from branches, bushes, fences etc to create a scent barrier to keep unwanted pests like coyotes, and feral and domestic cats. The dispensers can also be hung from provided ground stakes to create a literal scent fence around the area you want to protect. Coyotes are one of the most common pests homeowners face today. From the country-side, to the suburbs to the inner city, coyotes just seem to be everywhere! PredatorPee® Wolf Urine turns the coyotes natural fear this larger and more dominant predator into a very effective an natural repellent. Fill with about an ounce of “pee” to create a long-lasting “pee-rimeter” that is protected from wind and rain - Big Savings when you buy multiples! For the ultimate wild animal deterrent, try our wolf urine spray!


It works! I am so glad I bought your product. I have been battling the neighbors  feral cats for years. In two days they were gone.

It was worth every penny I spent... Thank you.   Louis C.



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