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Wolf Urine 64 oz Growler

Price: $112.00 Quantity   

ALL NEW! 100% Pure PredatorPee® 64 oz. Wolf Urine Growler Jug - Use to refill our 12 oz squirt bottle, 16 oz spray bottles or simply attach the included adjustable sprayer and squirt right out of the jug! Perfect for large users and farms, ranches etc. Save $20 over single bottle prices! Wolf pee is an effective natural coyote repellent. Our Wolf Urine also repels cats and feral cats as well as large animals like bear, elk, deer, moose and more.  If you have a large area to protect, our PredatorPee® 64 oz. Wolf Urine Growler Jug is the most economical way to go. And Free Shipping always of course!

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