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Bobcat Urine 12 oz Squeeze Bottles

Bobcat Urine 12 oz Squeeze Bottles

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Bobcat Urine 12oz - 1 Pack $32.00 Bobcat Urine-12oz–2 Pack-Save $10 $54.00 Bobcat Urine-12oz–4 Pack -Save $25 $103.00

PredatorPee® BobcatPee 12 oz Bobcat Urine mice repellent. 100% pure Bobcat Urine in a convenient squeeze bottle.
Bobcat scent is nature’s own natural mice deterrent that works by triggering the genetic fear instinct that works in the wild to protect animals from their predators.
Pest rodents like mice, voles and moles are preyed upon in the fields and forests by bobcats.
These rodents survive by running away if they sense a bobcat is nearby. They can know a bobcat is around if they smell the tell-tale scent of a bobcat’s urine.
By using PredatorPee® BobcatPee, you get rid of rodents by making them smell the scent of Bobcat urine and thus triggering their fear instinct.
They smell the pee and they are gone! It’s as simple as that! 
Use Bobcat Urine to keep mice, moles, voles and other small rodents out of your house, attic, barn, garage and shed.
Stop mouse damage to plants, gardens, container gardens, flowers. Even stop mice from chewing on plastic pipes, wires & upholstery. PredatorPee®
BobcatPee 100% pure Bobcat Urine contains no chemicals and is safe for use around pets. Use Bobcat Pee to get rid of mice today – the natural way! Save up to $25 when you choose a 2 or 4 pack!

PredatorPee® Bobcat Pee Brand Bobcat Urine takes a pest animal’s predator/prey survival instincts and makes them an all-natural repellent for you to prevent damage to your yard, garden, home, barn, shed, garage, crops, plants, trees and shrub as well as cars, trucks, campers, RV’s and other vehicles and power equipment. Our PredatorPee® Bobcat Pee Brand Bobcat Urine replicates the distinct marking scent of a real bobcat. These pests are the bobcat’s primary prey: mice, moles, voles and other rodents.  When these creatures smell the scent of a bobcat in the area, they won’t move in, and if they already have, they’ll want to move out fast! So, if any of these pests are your problem, PredatorPee® Bobcat Pee Brand Bobcat Urine is the natural deterrent you need. PredatorPee® - bringing Pee to the People for over 30 years!


"Heard(about Bobcat Urine)from a friend who found you on google search.  Works AWESOME, very
pleased. Got rid of the mice at our cottage in Canada." Lukas