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Natural Bug Repellent Products for the Outdoors inspired by Maine Master Guide Wayne A. Bosowicz and His Love for the Maine Wilderness

No matter what you do or where you do it, bugs are painful fact of life.
We have put together a line of insect repellents and natural bug deterrents that are as unique as Foggy Mountain® itself. 

There are 2 schools of thought when it comes to insect repellents. Those in one school swear by long-proven repellent components like DEET & Permethrin while those in the other school likely swear at them and anything else with man-made chemicals! They much prefer the all-natural approach.

Well here at Foggy Mountain®, we’re enrolled in both schools when it comes to bug stuff. We’ve got repellents with man-made stuff for folks who like ‘em and have used ‘em for years and we’ve got repellents made from all-natural essential oils for those folks Wayne would have probably called “tree huggers.” 

So, regardless of your school of thought, we’ve got an insect repellent for you.


We have insect repellent products to repel mosquitoes, blackflies, no-see-ums & gnats.
Want to stop problem deer flies, horseflies, yellow flies, cleg flies, greenheads from bothering you?

We have the pest solutions for all biting flies.
Want to get rid of ants and spiders? We have the all-natural products that work!
See all our insect and bug problem solving products below –

All Foggy Mountain® Tested and 100% Guaranteed!



Pick your insect pest and get the Foggy Mountain® solution


  • Foggy-Mountain-Ant-stopper
    Foggy Mountain AntStopper in a 16 oz bottle with easy to use sprayer. Spray directly in areas with unwanted ants to get rid of them for good!
    Reapply weekly until your ant problem is gone.
    All natural. This ant repellent is safe for pets.
  • Tick’R Tape Tick Protection Kit

    Tick’R Tape Tick Protection Kit – contains: 2Ankle & 2 Wrist Absorbent Tickr’Tape Wraps and a 6 oz can of Permethrin Spray. Just Spray and Wrap for Total Tick Protection
  • Spider Guard

    Foggy Mounatin Spider Guard in a 16 oz bottle with easy to use sprayer. Spray directly and liberally in areas with unwanted spiders to get rid of them for good! Reapply weekly until your spider problem is gone. All natural. Safe for use around pets.

  • Ben's 100 Insect Repellent

    PeeMan Approved Ben's 100 MAX Tick & Insect Repellent - 3.4 ounces of 100% DEET. When you need ultimate protection from mosquitos, don't mess around - get Ben's! This tried and true effective insect repellent is absolutely 100% PeeMan Approved. 



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