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Foggy Mountain DeerFly Hat & Strips Combo Pack

Foggy Mountain DeerFly Hat & Strips Combo Pack


NEW fly repellent products!! Specially created for Foggy Mountain®, the DeerFly Hat features an expertly rendered embroidered deerfly on the front and a spot on the back labeled "landing strip," above which one Foggy Mountain® DeerFly Strip fits perfectly. The black hat and the flesh colored DeerFly Strip in this package of fly repellent products combine to create the perfect trap for biting flies - they can't resist it They land, they stick, they're done! Get your Foggy Mountain® Deerfly Hat & Strips Combo Pack today and take back the outdoors! This package of fly repellent products is great for runners, walkers, hikers, fishermen and outdoorsmen and women and anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors without being bitten by deerflies, horseflies, greenheads, and other biting flies. Combo pack includes one Foggy Mountain® DeerFly Hat and one 6pk of Foggy Mountain® Deer and HorseFly Strips. When you run out of strips, just come back and order more! Always free shipping.

Since these came in, I've been wearing mine around the farm and have caught flies every time! I have not been bitten while wearing it! I love it and it looks good too! - The PeeMan's Daughter