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Foggy Mountain Spider Guard

Foggy Mountain Spider Guard

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Foggy Mountain Spider Guard 1 pack $25.00 Foggy Mountain Spider Guard 2 pack $40.00 Foggy Mountain Spider Guard 4 pack $70.00

Foggy Mountain Spider Guard in a 16 oz bottle with easy to use sprayer. The essential oils and natural ingredients in this product make spiders scatter and stay gone. Spray directly and liberally in areas with unwanted spiders to get rid of them for good! Reapply this natural spider deterrent spray weekly until your spider problem is gone. All natural. Safe for use around pets. Do not spray on skin or directly on pets.

Maine Outdoor Solutions LLC represents that this is a minimum risk pesticide which qualifies for exemption from EPA registration und FIFRA 25(b) Maine Outdoor Solutions LLC does not claim that this product prevents or cures any diseases.

At this time this product can only be shipped to New Hampshire, Minnesota, Missouri, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois & Texas